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Our cohort of Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) students across Year 11 and Year 12 have made various items that will be for sale for our market. Our sales will be open from the 11th of November 2020 from 3 pm; closing December 4th at 3pm.

If you need any additional information you can read our FACT page or CONTACT us.

“Over the duration of the unit students have demonstrated their ability to obtain and communicate information in response to a work-related OHS issue. We are presenting a market as part of our outcomes. Students have demonstrated their ability to identify workplace safety hazards and work in a team to follow safe work procedures within a work-related activity. Students have conducted planning and construction of various products. Their products for the market should serve a purpose and be functional. Students have satisfied the need and demand for their product, and supplied a solution in their work. Students have formed groups, executed and evaluated the effectiveness of their work in this task. Students have been required to identify risks and problem solve throughout the task.

We hope that you enjoy our products and the effort our students have put in throughout the semester. Thank you for your time. Feel free to browse our site and view all of our products, all photographs and materials have been made by the students and I’d just like to take this chance to thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best for their future endeavors and their year to come in 2021.


To the students, we thank you for persevering through a year that has been filled with different hurdles while also completing your VCAL certificate. We are all very proud of you and look forward to presenting this market to the wider community and our school cohort. Once again, thank you to our students, staff and all of those who have supported them throughout this year.”

On behalf of the VCAL team,

Kind regards

Ms Bristow

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